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Residential & Small Commercial

Property Square Footage is measured by our Satellite Software

  • Prices Listed are the Starting “Base Price” for Yards Under 1,000 – 2,000 Sq. Ft.
  • Cost Increases every 1,000 sq. ft
  • Click on our Full Price List Below for More Detailed Pricing

Summer Mowing & Trimming

Prepayment Discount: 10% Preseason Discount if the full season is paid before the season begins, 5% once the season has started.
Includes: Hauling Clippings – Trimming – Blowing Concrete – Monthly Billing

  • Full Season (around 2nd week of May until about mid-October)
  • Can be prorated to start late or stop early for an individual season

Base Price for Yards Under 2,000 Sq. Ft.


$160.00 per month (Add $28 every 1,000 Sq. Ft.)

Every 2 Weeks

$90.00 per month (Add $20 every 1,000 Sq. Ft.)

Spring & Fall Services

Base Price for Yards Under 1,000 Sq. Ft.

Aeration Only

$65.00 (Add $15 every 1,000 Sq. Ft.)

Aeration & Fertilizer

$80.00 (Add $30 every 1,000 Sq. Ft.

Super Crop Fertilizer 20-20-10-1 (no weed control) for building deep, healthy grass roots

Spring & Fall Season Bundle

$175.00 (Add $75 every 1,000 Sq. Ft.

Prepayment Discount: 10% Preseason Discount if the full bundle is paid upfront. Includes: 2 Aerations (1 Spring & 1 Fall) – 3 Fertilizers (1 Spring, 1 Summer & 1 Fall)

Power Raking

$100.00 (Add $25 every 1,000 Sq. Ft.)

Should Combine with Aeration, Fertilizer, & Over-Seed to Replenish Lost Grass

Leaf Clean Up


** Average cost ranges from around $190 – $325 with Average Volume of Debris **

** Larger Properties or Areas with More Trees (The further you move West) Cost Increases**

** Debris Disposal is Included in Estimated Range but is Shown as a Separate Charge when Invoiced**

Spring & Fall Disclaimers

Our Fertilizer

We do not offer any commercialized fertilizers or any commercial lawn treatments such as Spray On Fertilizer or Weed Control.

Fertilizer we do offer – Super Crop – is granular, child & pet friendly, and purchased from a local Turf Farm in Colorado Springs. Super Crop is blended locally in Colorado. It has all-natural nutrients and does not have any chemical weed controlling agents. 20-20-10 – 20 parts Nitrogen – 20 parts Phosphate – 10 parts Potassium. This is a much higher Phosphate and Potassium count than you will find in your standard big box store fertilizer. Big box store fertilizer is almost all Nitrogen which only feeds the blades of grass. It gives the appearance of a healthy lawn short term because it beefs up the blades of grass but does little for the roots. The reason we aerate so often in Colorado is because we’re constantly trying to take care of grass roots to get them to thrive in our dry climate with clay & sandy soils. Super Crop offers higher counts of Phosphate & Potassium blended more evenly with Nitrogen and concentrates on feeding all the grass, blades & roots, which makes grass thrive so much better in our climate.

We offer a 4 – application fertilizer schedule. 1-Spring, 1-early Summer, 1-late Summer, & 1-Fall. Spring & Fall applications are great combined with Aeration.



Sports Turf Grass Seed by Vitality. A seed blend of Kentucky Bluegrass & Perennial Ryegrass combined & designed for the durability of a sports field, resilient to harsh Colorado temperature changes and rough play, yet looks beautiful. The Rye grasses mimic the look of Kentucky Bluegrass, so the seed doesn’t look like a blended grass seed. The Rye germinate quickly to shade the incoming Kentucky Blue Grass. Sports Turf is designed to look amazing while requiring less water.

***WATERING SUGGESTION AFTER APPLICATION FOR BEST RESULTS: Set sprinklers to water daily if possible. (watering restrictions may prevent this, if so water as much as possible under restrictions). Avoid too long of periods in between watering cycles that will dry out the area to keep from growing. Keep moisture in as much as possible. Be patient as you won’t see new growth inside Aeration holes for about 2-3 weeks***

***Over-Seed is NOT for Lawn Repair. Gardening 101 – Grass seed needs to be inside the ground to grow. Any grass seed that stays on top of the ground will not germinate; we call that Bird Food. Over-seeding is to help “thicken” an existing lawn by grass seed falling or being watered into Aeration holes. Over-Seeding will not work to take the place of Lawn Repair.***

Sprinkler Damage w/ Aeration

Unmarked sprinkler heads are not our responsibility. We do the best we can to look out for unmarked sprinklers, however as a precaution we suggest marking all sprinkler heads or at minimum marking all heads that stick out more than 4-5 inches from the perimeter.

Deep Aeration Plugs

We use commercial Ryan Machines in which we apply approx. 50 lbs. extra weight past the manufacturer’s weight design. Small plugs are results from a dry/hard lawn that was not properly watered beforehand. No matter how much pressure or weight is applied, softer/ moisturized soil will always produce better aeration plugs. All lawns are overlapped heavily for lots of holes.

Leaf Pick Up Vs. Power Raking

Leaf Pick Up is charged at our Hourly Rate vs. Power Raking is charged at a Flat Rate. The reason for this is because although the processes are similar, they are 2 different services. Leaf Pick Ups involve the whole property as Power Raking involve grass areas only. Grass areas can tend to be around the same sq. ft. even with varying lot sizes vs. varying size lots or lots with more trees take longer to Pick Up Leaves throughout the entire property. We always remain conscientious of our time and will do everything possible to get through Leaf Pick Up Jobs as quickly as we can to keep your cost low.

Debris Removal

Green Grass Clippings are the only material we haul at no additional charge because Green Grass is free for us to dump as it gets recycled at a garden shop. Fall Debris from Clean Ups (leaves / pine needles) are automatically hauled and dumping charges are already included in the hourly rate. Spring Debris i.e., dead grass from Power Raking, is usually bagged and left on your property for your own residential trash service. If requested, we can haul away with an additional cost. Spring Power Rake Debris is typically minimal but hard for us to take with us as we’re usually loaded with equipment in the Spring and have limited space.

Pricing Disclaimer


Flat Rate Pricing is based on a $95 – $115 per hour model for Residential Yards. $95 for basic Summer Services such as Mowing, $115 for more strenuous Spring & Fall Services such as Aeration & Raking. The Average Yard mowed regularly takes about 30-45 minutes, therefore our flat rate charges average around $45-$65 for Mowing as an example.

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